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Copies of this book can be downloaded, free of charge, by clicking on individual files in the Downloads section below. The book is  offered for free as the honorarium due Christ and my clients, who I  consider the true authors of this book. There are two options.  The easiest way is to download the book sections sequentially. 

           You can also download a PDF of the entire book, which is located just below the individual files.

            Lastly, there is "A Manual for Clients and Therapists Using the Light in Psychotherapy."  Early on, I provided my clients a working copy. Now I refer them to the website to download the current version. Chapter III provides a fuller description of the Light in psychotherapy.

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          This work describes a large number of psycho-imaginative interventions based on a spiritual methodology. All of them were developed in a clinical psychology setting using active imagination to explore and treat a wide range of clinical issues. The methodology involves a luminous sphere of  Light, which the client uses to express willingness, and the evocation of a Christ image or comparable higher power able to channel the Holy Spirit. The interventions have proven effective for the redemption of conscience, the removal of its shaming enthrallments, and the dramatic correction of gender distortions in images of self and others.                  

          This type of psychotherapy is called Light therapy. It provides a nearly inexhaustible resource for the exploration of Mind, Soul, and Ego dynamics; and the power to heal most forms of mental illness addressed in psychotherapy as well as psychosomatic dis-eases. The methodology also demonstrates the inordinate power of parental images and their effects on the Ego; and the restitutive power of Jesus Christ when he is allowed to interact with those images. In this work, shame is treated as the root cause of most Ego dysfunction; and Christ channeling the Holy Spirit is seen as an unerring source of forgiveness able to completely dispel accumulated shame. It is the only kind of psychotherapy capable of doing so. Shame is the ‘white elephant’ in the therapy rooms of mental health providers. It is rarely addressed in a secular context because only a spiritual power has the wherewithal to decisively end an individual’s enthrallment to this most painful of all emotions, which most people and cultures still treat as unforgivable.

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